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Living in the north, winter is a tricky time for dancing. At times, roads are closed because of too much snow or ice, colds and flu run rampant, and/or it's very cold and no one wants to venture out of their warm, cozy homes. However, winter can also be a time for us to consider attempting new things. It's a great time for us to reflect upon how we want to live Maybe we want to shed a few pounds that we put on over the holidays, or perhaps we want to try something new. Or, maybe we want to continue with an activity that we are very passionate about.

Dance has always been my passion. It fulfills so many things for me. It allows me to trim down any unwanted weight gain, keeps me energized (in order to gain energy, we need to expend energy), and lastly, but most importantly, it feeds my soul. I love looking out my window in my dance room (Dance Nook) to see the beautiful snow covered trees and grass while I'm dancing. My dance room offers me protection from the elements, while at the same time, allows me to see the beauty of winter while I engage in my beloved activity.

As I age, I have come to enjoy all the wonderful seasons that I am blessed to experience in this northern climate. As a teacher, choreographer and dancer, I have the ability to arrange my classes according to nature. So, in the winter, my classes are a bit more gentle. I want my students to be able to warm up their bodies in a safe method. This is somewhat slower than how we work in the warmer seasons.

When we are sufficiently warmed up, I introduce exercises that continue to strengthen and stretch the body. This occurs in an atmosphere of inspiration. I like to keep my students inspired as they dance. They have turned to dance because they experienced it at some point in their lives (by observation or practice) and want to recreate this enjoyment. I want them to keep their joy of dance and have committed to make my classes a positive experience for all my students.

We work hard but we have a lot of fun at the same time. My classes are never boring. I want my students to excel at their own healthy rate and have a good time while working. If dance becomes "just another thing that I gotta do?" what's the point? To me, dance is the most beautiful activity that I can do and I want to pass my love for this art form onto to others.

  • Carolynn

Hello Everyone,

It’s such a pleasure to welcome you to my blog for Dance Nook. I hope you have a terrific New Year!

A bit of my background:

I was born to a wonderful mother and father who encouraged my God-given talents. My mother, Marjorie (Hupp) Hine was a professional teacher and dancer in Chicago in the 1930s and early 1940s. My father, Robert P. Fine was a loving father who was a World War II veteran and spent 9 months in a German prisoner of war camp. I only mention this because he made a vow. He decided that if, and when he was released, he would be a wonderful husband, and hopefully, one day, a wonderful father.

I can say that my dad was truly my hero! After many years of marriage, my parents were unable to conceive (this was because of the flack and other bomb debris that my dad was exposed to). Finally, 10 years later, on February 1, 1949, I was born. I was richly blessed to grow up in a family who understood the benefits (and pitfalls) of a performing arts career. My parents' perspective on the arts: When all else fails, the arts can lift up your spirits. We can think of the musicians that continued to play music as the Titanic succumbed to the waters. Legend has it that Anna Pavlova, a famous Russian ballerina, performed her port de bras (arm movements) from her famous solo dance (choreographed by Michael Fokine), “The Dying Swan” on her death bed.

My parents noticed that I enjoyed following my mother around the house as she danced. Yes, she even danced while she dusted the furniture. I was her little shadow. I loved to bring joy to people through dance and they encouraged me to continue. I’m still doing it today!

I began studying classical ballet. Later, other dance classes were added: jazz, tap, modern dance, ballroom, African dance, Mexican dance, Native American dance, Spanish classical dance (escuela bolera), flamenco, dance exercise and sacred dance. I love it all!

I’ve had opportunities to perform professionally, teach and receive my doctorate in dance education (Ed. D.). I’m excited about sharing dance with others and continue to teach.

I really believe that dance is a wonderful activity for all ages. It can benefit the dancer as well as those who observe the dancer. We are made to move. I will be 70 years old on February 1, 2019 and am still dancing. I love it and will never stop. In fact, I actually love being old! When the good Lord calls me home, I will continue to dance for Him!

Every age has its perks. Don’t let naysayers make you feel that getting old is something to fear. It really is something to look forward to. We, as young adults, middle aged adults and elders have the advantage of sharing out wisdom (and healthy lifestyle) with out youth. We can be a positive role model for them.

Throughout history, many cultures have engaged in dance as a form of praise and worship and community activity. Dance is a spiritual, mental and physical art form that is great for our overall well being.

Studies have shown that physical exercise (including dance) reduces depression. Studies have also proven that dance staves off dementia. The reason: dance offers physical exercise, the dancer must remember the movements, consider correct technique and, finally, stay in time with the music. Dance also has social benefits because of other people in the class. If anyone is interested, I have several articles that I am willing to share.

I am very excited about beginning 2019 with the joy of dance. I hope you will join me in this beautiful art form.

Classes currently offered:

Adult Intermediate Ballet Monday 5:30-6:30pm

Saturday 12:30-1:45pm

Adult Dance Exercise Monday 11:00am-12:00pm

Wednesday 11:00am-12:00pm

Friday 11:00am-12:00pm

Thursday 6:00-7:00pm

Adult Intermediate Flamenco Tuesday 6:00-7:15pm

Children’s Ballet/Flamenco Saturday 11:45am-12:15pm


1 class a week for 8 weeks $100.00

2 classes a week for 8 weeks $160.00

3 classes a week for 8 weeks $180.00

4 classes a week for 8 weeks $190.00

Children’s classes are $60.00 for 8 weeks

Classes continue throughout the year. The payment is due every 8 weeks